2016 & 2017  OFFICERS AND STAFF
President                Joe You                    (916) 392-8247

Vice President       Andrew Hiroshima (916) 393-2028

Treasurer               Libby Schram           (916) 806-2950

Secretary               Alison Cook                (916) 485-7893

Major Seminars      Andy Hiroshima       (916) 393-2028

Mini Seminars        Jim Hunter               (916) 771-4364

Newsletter Editor    Alice Bowles            (916) 212-3878

E-Mail & Roster      Terry Hajek              (916) 331-7006

Shirley’s Shop &
Library                    Shirley Coffelt          (916) 451-2221

Librarian                 Gerry Sanders         (916) 421-7317

Annual Show          Kathi Gervais           (916) 783-5477

Committee              Joe You                    (916) 392-8247

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Andy Hiroshima      (916) 393-2028

Webmaster             Alice Bowles              (916) 212-3878


  1. Hello Capital Woodcarvers Association,

    Are you aware of any of your members (or even non-members) who may be interested in carving some small parts for antique furniture? I am an antique dealer in Granite Bay, and am in need of someone with carving skills to help me restore some fine pieces.


    Jim Wuerstlin
    web site:
    phone 916 844 9103

  2. Nancy Land says:

    My school (Mesa Verde HS) is looking for someone to carve 6 foot redwood logs into something meaningful to the school. Our campus is undergoing a change and they were able to salvage the logs. Could you please put me in contact with someone that can do this?

    Thank you

    • chefamb says:

      Hi Nancy,
      I am sorry I have taken so long to reply. I will check with the club members at our next meeting, which won’t be until August. Our next business meeting will not be until September. We do have a few members who carve large items and commission items. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


  3. Bill Bailey says:

    Found out through the Cascade Carvers Supply that the Capitol Woodcarvers Association will have a carving show in May 2018, wondering what date, time, costs and information you can provide me for the May 2018 show please.

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